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Prager H3: The Sage of South Central

Prager H3: Dennis talks to best-selling author, columnist and close friend, Larry Elder. Issues raised include: their mutual radio history, the Gates/Crowley case and ObamaCare.

Prager H1: A Horrific Crime

Prager H1: Dennis discusses a murder in Los Angeles. A 17-year-old young woman was kidnapped by a career criminal and murdered. Was Professor Gates offended because Sgt. Crowley didn’t acknowledge his star status? Is that what this case is really about? And that race had nothing to do with it?… Sweden is rejecting what we’re about to embrace.

Prager H3: A Sick System

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Theodore Dalrymple, contributing editor to City Journal and a British physician. They discuss the British health care system. His new book is Romancing Opiates: Pharmacological Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy. A major Medicare fraud was exposed this week. If the government takes over health care system, you can multiply this problem by ten.

Prager H1: Born in the USA

Prager H1: Was President Obama really born in the United States? This phony issue keeps circulating around the fringes of conservative circles. Aside being absurd, it’s counterproductive. We win on ideas or we lose.

Prager H2: Stealing Elections

Prager H2: Dennis talks to John Fund, Wall Street Journal columnist. His important book Stealing Elections has been revised and updated. Sarah Palin is no longer Governor of Alaska. She’s now a private citizen. Was it a good political move?..

Prager H3: Ultimate Issues Hour: Science and God

Prager H3: Distinguished scientist, Francis Collins, has been nominated to head up the National Institutes of Health by President Obama. Sam Harris, best-selling atheist, doesn’t like it. Collins believes in God. That’s enough to disqualify him. Dennis explains that truth and science can’t be in conflict.

Prager H2: Read the Bill

Prager H2: Dennis talks to California Congressman from the 26th District, David Dreier. Does anyone read these massive 1000+ page bills like Health Care Overhaul and Cap and Trade? . Is the Gates/Sgt. Crowley incident really about race? Or is it about a citizen not showing due deference to a policeman investigating a possible robbery?

Prager H3: The Streets of Tehran

Prager H3: Yesterday, CNN’s Farid Zakaria interviewed a spokesman for the Iranian regime on his Sunday talk show. Dennis analyzes their exchange. Bill Maher made a fool out of himself on his own show as he described his funhouse version of Republicans, health care reform and race issues.

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