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Prager H3: There Is No Alternative

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Claire Berlinski, investigative journalist whose work appears regularly in The Washington Post, Asia Times, The Weekly Standard, and The National Review. Her new book is There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters. Berlinski lives in Istanbul, Turkey. The future of this critical country is also a topic of conversation.

Prager H2: Tancredo Torpedo

Prager H2: Independent candidate for Colorado Governor, Tom Tancredo, is torpedoing the chances of the Republican candidate, Dan Maes. To vote for Tancredo is to vote for the Democrat. This is third party “suicide” and incredibly self-destructive. Ironically, many Muslims outside the U.S. don’t think the mosque should be built at GZ. The CEO of Intel says that the administration is choking off any chance of economic growth with its massive new federal mandates – health care and financial “reform.”

Prager H1: Tweet, Tweet

Prager H1: Chris Cuomo of ABC News tells his 1 million followers on Twitter that the Crusades and Islamic terror are morally equivalent. Really? What does a modern Catholic have to do with a Crusader? The Crusades were 1000 years ago. The NY Times hates judicial over reach when a judge overturns a policy that they like (stem cell research). But when a judge overturns a policy they don’t like (the traditional definition of marriage), that’s different story.. More NY Times: Conservatives are now labeled “insurgents.”

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