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Prager H3: Father Coughlin

Prager H3: Howard Dean casually compares Glenn Beck to Father Coughlin, a racist radio personality from the 30’s. Charles Blow of the NY Times says he’s a rhetorical assassin. This is the the NY Times’ prescription for improving the economy — more debt and more taxes. That should work. The Left is preoccupied with race.

Prager H2: Tom Emmer

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Tom Emmer, Republican candidate for governor for Minnesota. A solid, salt of the earth, father of seven, Emmer impresses Dennis with his straightforward, no nonsense approach to politics. Dennis returns to his analysis of this past weekend’s Glenn Beck rally. Ben Jealous, head of the NAACP, says that the people who attended the Glenn Beck rally would not agree with the ML King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” Ironically, Jealous thinks that race is more important than the people who attended the rally, more than ML King.

Prager H1: Overwhelming White

Prager H1: Glenn Beck held a very, very large rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday. The most interesting aspect of the media coverage was the near-universal description of the crowd as being “overwhelmingly” or “predominantly” white. Dennis talks to Randy DeCleene, Senior Advisor for International Politics and Strategic Communications to Major General Tony Cucolo, the Commanding General of the Third Infantry Division. Issues discussed include current situation in Iraq today — status of US troops, political state of the country, upsurge in terror since US withdrawal.

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