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Prager H1: Dead End Kids

Prager H1: The NY Times might have published the most important story of the year on the first day of the year. It concerns the fate of young Europeans. They are educated and frustrated. They have no opportunity. Socialism blocks them at every turn.

Prager H2: Educated and Frustrated

Prager H2: Dennis continues on his theme from last hour – the Left kills opportunity. The over educated young people in Europe are a living example. But the Democrats see Europe and want to emulate it.

Prager H3: Syriana

Prager H3: The President used the Congressional recess to appoint an ambassador to Syria for the first time since Syria orchestrated the assassination of the prime minister of Lebanon in 2005. Is this not rewarding despicable behavior? And to what end? To maintain dialogue with a dissembling dictator?. Hillary Clinton had a chat with Hugo Chavez in Brazil. Did he sing to her?… Sniffer rats are used to detect land mines. When will PETA object?… Only 21 drugs were approved by the FDA last year, a woeful number. Coptic Christians were murdered in Egypt over the weekend by a suicide bomber. Christians are no longer welcome in the Arab Middle East.

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