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Prager 20110318 – 03 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: do you think Willie Mays was the best baseball player of all time; a caller from Japan asks why doesn’t the Left find anti-Jewish rhetoric in the Muslim world appalling; do you feel that most people are selfish; do you like what you are good at, or are you good at what like doing; do you think that God punishes one for the sins of their father.

Prager 20110318 – 02 Happiness Hour: Fun v Happiness

Prager H2: A new study says the experience of pleasure or positive feeling is far less important to long term happiness than engaging in meaningful activity. Dennis could have saved them the money; he wrote a whole chapter called “Fun v Happiness” in his happiness book.

Prager 20110318 – 01 Mad Libya

Prager H1: Even after the Arab states called for intervention in Libya, Pres. Obama still would not intervene. Now that Kaddafi fears military intervention he has begun talking about a cease fire. Dennis also discusses the radiation threat from Japan, and the “Bullying” summit at the White House; why is the federal government involved stopping school bullies?

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