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Prager 20110404 – 3 First Hour Replay

Prager H3: Dennis has a speech in Sacramento tonight. Unfortunately, his Southwest Airlines flight was cancelled. Now he has to drive, necessitating an early departure from the show. Southwest had an incident with one of its planes over the weekend and has subsequently cancelled hundreds of flights. We replay the first hour from today’s show, an instant Best of Prager Hour.

Prager 20110404 – 2 The Goldstone Travesty

Prager H2: The author of the Goldstone Report, the UN report that denounced Israel for targeting civilians in its Gaza war with Hamas, now admits he might have been too hasty in drawing his conclusions. This fool now regrets trusting terrorists to tell the truth. His pathetic retraction won’t undo what he’s done. The dean of Western scholars of Islam, Bernard Lewis, offers a sober assessment of the state of the Middle East.

Prager 20110404 – 1 Great Transgendered Americans

Prager H1: Want to know why the state of California is in a freefall? Add this to the list. The legislature is anxious to pass a law mandating that students learn about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered Americans to US history. Great bi-sexual and transgendered Americans? Can you name any?

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