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What Would Our Grandparents Think of Present Day America?

What Would Our Grandparents Think of Present Day America?

Dennis evaluates present day America from the perspective of the mid-twentieth century. Is this the country our grandparents thought they were leaving their grandchildren? Would be they be happy or unhappy with what we have wrought?

Prager 20120911 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: What’s Wrong with Incest?

Prager H3: If love is the only standard for marriage, then what’s wrong with polygamy or incest? For those who want to change the definition of marriage, the answer has to be “nothing.” Most people who support same sex marriage don’t understand the consequences of their position.

Prager 20120911 – 2 Mockery

Prager H2: The Left first mode of attack is to the mock the Right… Chicago teachers are on strike. It’s not about money (the city has already promised a 16% raise they can’t pay for), it’s about longer work hours and new standards to evaluate teacher performance.

Prager 20120911 – 1 The NYT and 9/11

Prager H1: The NY Times has one opinion piece about 9/11 today. The author blames GW for not acting on intelligence report he may or may not have seen warning about Bin Laden… Dennis reads the timeline of that fateful day. The cold facts are as compelling as any commentary would be.

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