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Prager 20130606 – 3 Our Team

Prager H3: Do you feel safe knowing that our security team is now Susan Rice, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and Samantha Power?… The NY Times held a debate on the need for fathers. Five out of six participants didn’t see much of a need… Adam Carolla stops by. Hilarity ensues.

Prager 20130606 – 2 Time Warp

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Claudia Hammond, the voice of psychology on BBC Radio 4 where she is the host of All in the Mind and Mind Changers. Her new book, now out in paperback, is Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception… We should measure employment statistics by who is employed, not who is unemployed… People are killing themselves for no good reason.

Prager 20130606 – 1 On the Verizon

Prager H1: The scandal du jour: the Obama Administration asked Verizon to turn over all phone records to the NSA. That’s a lot of phone records. If this was a Republican administration the media would have gone berserk. Now it’s a yawn, but, if you strip away all the politics, maybe it should be. Callers don’t agree… A professor of gender studies, no less, is disturbed by the fact that her daughter went to the prom with a girlfriend and is further disturbed her that she was disturbed.

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