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Prager 20130805 – 3 Green Hysteria

Prager H3: The Greens are very upset with Google because they held a fundraiser for Oklahoma senator, James Imhofe, a Global Warming doubter… We are closing 19 embassies and consulates for the week due to the high likelihood of a terror attack. Good thing Islamist terror is under control… Congress is getting an exemption from ObamaCare. It’s good for thee, but not for me… Has Hillary Clinton done or said anything significant?

Prager 20130805 – 2 More Zimmerman

Prager H2: Dennis continues with Charlotte Allen… Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapping monster, tries to justify himself with a litany of excuses: he’s sick like an alcoholic; he has an obsession with pornography; he was abused as a child; his ex-wife ruined him.

Prager 20130805 – 1 Advance to the Rear

Prager H1: The United States is withdrawing as a Superpower. This won’t make us or the World any safer. Just the opposite… Dennis is very impressed with Dr. Ben Carson. In fact, Dennis thinks he would make a great Republican candidate for President… Dennis talks to investigative journalist, Charlotte Allen, about what really happened during the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin confrontation.

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