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Prager 20130919 – 3 Big Ben and Dirty Harry

Prager H3: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis and laments over the current state of the GOP… in a sea of lack-luster candidates is there any conservative that could unite the party and win? Yes, Ben Carson. As both sides prepare for the next election… the rhetoric is building up… get ready to be labeled a “Climate Change Denier.” Harry Reid blames the Colorado flooding on “Climate Change.” Callers weigh in.

Prager 20130919 – 2 The Crossroads

Prager H2: Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis as we find ourselves at a crossroads with Obamacare. A Pew Research poll shows that a majority of people don’t want it… but, what tactics should Republicans use to try and stop the implementation… delay or defund. Mark also talks about the Naval yard shooter… could proper medication have prevented the tragedy?

Prager 20130919 – 1 Way Out Here

Prager H1: In a barn in rural West Virginia… with his dog curled up at his feet, Mark Taylor fills in for Dennis and is joined by World Fishing Network’s Season On The Edge Host Ken Baldwin, who moved to West Virginia because he heard Mark filling in for Dennis. Mark discusses the Senate race in West Virginia, how the state has swung from mostly Democrat to mostly Republican, and gives the reasons why Joe Manchin should switch parties.

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