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Prager 20130930 – 3 Panic

Prager H3: If the government shuts down, we will survive… Is the new President of Iran a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Every indication is that the answer is yes… The Dean of Climatology in the US, MIT’s Richard Lindzen, calls the IPCC report “hilariously inept.”… Do the Republicans still hold a trump card in their shutdown debate – the Vitter Amendment that compels Congress to subscribe to ObamaCare… A judge in New Jersey orders the legalization of same-sex marriage. She uses the Supreme Court decision as her precedent.

Prager 20130930 – 2 Iran Play

Prager H2: Iran’s new diplomatic initiatives mask a deadly desire – to get a nuclear weapon. More talks, buys Iran more time to achieve that goal… Dennis talks to Phillip Swagel, Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland about the government shut down and the debt ceiling debates… Dennis talks to Kenneth Meshoe, a member of the South African parliament. Meshoe, a black South African, teaches the latest Prager University course – A South African, Israel and Apartheid.

Prager 20130930 – 1 Shut Down

Prager H1: Washington is all atwitter about a pending government shut down. It’s not something anybody should want, but if it happens, it’s not a disaster. Democrats may think it’s the end of the world, but they think everything that doesn’t go their way is the end of the world… Dennis talks to Jim Jones, the President of the Well Spring Benefits Group, about how one can negotiate the confusing mess that is ObamaCare.

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