Prager 20130925 – 03 Interviewing Dictators

Prager H3: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour embarrasses herself and her network with her unctuous questioning of the President of Iran… Dennis plays more clips from President Obama’s UN speech… Dennis talks to Lucas Mann, Visiting Writer in Nonfiction at the University of Iowa. His new book is Class A: Baseball in the Middle of Everywhere.

Prager 20130925 – 01 Cruz Missile

Prager H1: After 21 hours Texas Senator Ted Cruz finished his filibuster of ObamaCare. Did he bring needed attention to the cause? Or was it a lot of sound and fury signifying very little?… The President spoke at the UN yesterday. It was one of his better efforts, but was marred by certain unfortunate statements. The worse was when he said he was not interested in regime change in Iran… Dennis talks to Louisiana Senator David Vitter. He wants to make the President, Congress and congressional staffers live with ObamaCare. If it’s so great, why wouldn’t they want it for themselves? But they don’t.

Prager 20130924 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Telling Terrorists Murder Is Evil

Prager H3: If the Muslim clergy from the leading Islamic mosques and universities around the world told potential suicide bombers that they would go to hell and not to heaven, there’s a chance that these senseless murders would stop. Had the Pope who lived during WWII told the Nazis that anyone who hurt innocent Jews would go to hell, there’s a chance, the Holocaust would not have happened.

Prager 20130924 – 2 Name Calling

Prager H2: Republicans have sharp disagreements about whether or not to defund ObamaCare. The disagreements should be over ideas, not personalities… Dennis talks to Charles C. Johnson, a reporter for the Daily Caller. He has done some important new research into The Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR.

Prager 20130924 – 1 Guns

Prager H1: Dennis draws a connection between the mall massacre in Kenya and those who want America civilians to disarm. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, is one of those… On the other side of the coin, there are those on the Right who believe that NSA “spying” is a terrible threat to our liberty. Whether it has actually prevented terror attacks, as alleged by conservative Congressmen, is not relevant. This attitude is not making us safer.

Prager 20130923 – 3 Feel Good Do Good

Prager H3: The trick in politics to is to do good not to feel good. Is the Republican effort to defund ObamaCare an example of the latter, but not the former?… Louisiana Senator David Vitter has a winnable alternative: make the Democrats defend the President’s exclusion of Congress from ObamaCare… Food Stamps programs have exploded. It has become not merely a safety net for the neediest citizens but a middle class entitlement.

Prager 20130923 – 2 Slaughter

Prager H2: Dennis continues his discussion of the Islamist terror attacks in Kenya and Pakistan… A shop owner in Spain turns in a winning lottery ticket worth millions that was in his lost and found. He couldn’t live with himself had he kept it… Republicans have a slim chance of winning their ObamaCare defunding fight… Dennis talks to Navy Captain Mark Vandroff. The captain was working at the Navy Yard the day of the shooting.

Prager 20130923 – 1 Death in Kenya

Prager H1: It was a bloody weekend… Islamists from Somalia attacked a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. As of this writing 68 are dead and hundreds wounded… Islamists blew up a Christian Church in Pakistan. Dozens were killed… When are Muslim religious leaders going to issue a fatwa that these terrorists are on the express elevator to hell and not to heaven? Don’t hold your breath.

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