Prager 20150728 – 3 Raising Good Kids

Prager H3: How do you raise good kids? The question is critically important to the future of our society. We train people to be brain surgeons. But there are no goodness lessons. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on March 22, 2011.

Prager 20150728 – 2 Over the Top

Prager H2: Mike Huckabee said that the President’s Iran Nuke Deal may lead to another Holocaust. His comment, though meant well, is over the top and allows opponents to cast Huckabee as extreme. That said, there is merit to his thinking that shouldn’t be casually dismissed… What are Donald Trump’s values? Shouldn’t you know before you support him?

Prager 20150728 – 1 Oklahoma

Prager H1: A Los Angeles production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic musical, Oklahoma, warns the audience that the play’s use of gender roles may be offensive to modern ears. The Left intrudes everywhere, telling you how to think… Palestinian summer camp teaches teens about the glories of being a suicide bomber.

Prager 20150727 – 3 Tested

Prager H3: Dennis spoke at a rally opposing the Iran Nuke Deal yesterday… There comes a moment when politicians are tested. The Iran Nuke Deal is one of those moments… A woman in Texas commits suicide while in jail following a verbal altercation with a policeman. Who is to blame?… Is the division in America black/white or left/right?

Prager 20150727 – 2 Punishment Room

Prager H2: Dennis resumes a discussion that has transpired over three weeks. Should he keep sending staff members who make mistakes to the infamous “punishment room”?

Prager 20150727 – 1 The New Civil Right

Prager H1: The NY Times and the Left now compare not allowing the transgender to choose their bathroom to Jim Crow laws… The more we know about the Iran nuke deal, the worse it looks… Why are so many Americans concerned with so many trivial issues?

Prager 20150724 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Pluto should have never been labeled a planet; Everything is subject to change except human nature; What do you believe the standard for getting into heaven is; Is America on a downhill spiral and is it due to communism; If your friend or family member had a same-sex wedding would you attend; What is the difference between a missing tile and a deal breaker in a relationship?

Prager 20150724 – 1 Good-Bye Tom

Prager H1: The Connecticut Democratic party is changing the name of their annual dinner. It used to be called the Jefferson and Jackson Dinner, but now Connecticut Democrats have decided that since both former President owned slaves, they’re not worthy. Guess we should tear down the Jefferson Memorial… Can one exaggerate how bad the Iran Nuke deal is?… The Left and Right in Israel are almost never united, but they are against the nuke deal.

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