7/20-7/24 Show Highlights

Highlights from the week of 7/20/2015

Prager 20150723 – 3 Natural Selection

Prager H3: Dennis discusses the article, “Why I Will Never Shave My Legs Again” by Suzannah Weiss. She states that it is unnatural… Dennis dissects the flaw in this thinking.

Prager 20150723 – 2 Bad Deal

Prager H2: Dennis clicked on an article, “29 Celebs Who Don’t Believe in God.” The Iran Nuclear is immoral and intellectually fraudulent. Iran is at war with us but we are not at war with them… that’s the problem. Dennis notices a celebratory tone expressed when people on the Left say whites will soon be the minority in America.

Prager 20150723 – 1 Young Conservatives

Prager H1: Dennis has young conservative talk show hosts Elisha Krauss and Ben Shapiro in studio. They share their views on Donald Trump, immigration issues, the upcoming election, secularism and how they set their own standards on social issues.

Prager 20150722 – 3 Whither Polygamy?

Prager H3: If gender isn’t sacrosanct, how can number be sacrosanct?… 24 day inspections of Iran’s nuke sites? More like 60 days… One of the most prestigious prep schools provides a PC glossary for their students… UCLA student newspaper apologizes for suggesting that only people who menstruate are women. Figure that one out.

Prager 20150722 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Moving Targets

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Alison Armstrong, acclaimed relationship expert and creator of the Queen’s Code Workshop. The topic is the shifting female personality. This can pose problems for men. But are there solutions.

Prager 20150722 – 1 No Hugs

Prager H1: Should grandchildren be compelled to hug grandma and grandpa good-bye? Or should grandchildren be empowered to tell granny and gramps to take a hike?

Dennis and Bret Stephens: What If America Retreats?

Dennis conducts an on stage interview with renowned Wall Street Journal foreign affairs columnist, Bret Stephens. They range over many issues both personal and political. And, they consider the question, “What happens if America retreats from the world?”

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