Prager 20160928 – 1 Life Hurts

Prager H1: Hillary trots out an angry former beauty queen to buttress her charge that Donald Trump is sexist… Why are there more blacks in prison proportionally than whites?

Prager 20160927 – 2 More Debate

Prager H2: Debates are very much about presentation, but don’t ignore the content. What Hillary said at the debate was scary. Example: the government will dictate how much you can play your employees and managers. This is real fascism…

Prager 220160927 – 1 The Great Debate

Prager H1: How great was it? Trump didn’t commit any major gaffes. But he didn’t put her away either. And he could have. Hillary, on other hand, was rigid and wooden…

Prager 20160926 – 3 Voting for Trump

Prager H3: A major NY Democrat comes out for Trump… We’re getting close to the time for choosing… No use speculating about tonight’s debate, we’ll be confronted with the reality soon enough.

Prager 20160926 – 2 Defeat the Left

Prager H2: Defeating the Left means defeating the Democrats. Simple as that… Dennis talks to Chloe Valdary. Robert L. Bartley Fellow at the Wall Street Journal. She also teaches one of the most popular PragerU courses. “Don’t Judge Blacks Differently” It has 5 million views on YouTube and Facebook

Prager 20160926 – 1 Slaughter in Seattle

Prager H1: 5 people were murdered in a mall north of Seattle. The killer was first identified as Hispanic. But now it turns out he was born in Turkey. Was it another terrorist attack? Have we grown immune to these mass murders?… Walmart won’t make a cake for a retired cop. The words on the cake “thin blue line” might be considered racist… Free speech, the most sacred of American freedoms, is disappearing.

Prager 20160923 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: should the United States be the world’s policeman; is unconditional love a good idea.

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