Prager 20160923 – 1 Charlotte Ruse

Prager H1: The Police Chief of Charlotte won’t release the video of the shooting. He has legitimate reasons. Why doesn’t explain them clearly… Trump continues to do well… We should all be scared of the mob… The Left is both foolish and hysterical. Latest example: Gloria Steinem says that “forced childbirth” is the greatest cause of global warming. Huh?

Prager 20160922 – 3 Bible Study

Prager H3: Dennis recalls an exchange with Christopher Hitchens, regarding his long asked “Bible Study” question: If you were walking alone at night and approached by a group of men, would you be relieved to know they just came from Bible study? Callers weigh in.

Prager 20160922 – 2 Doth Protest Too Much

Prager H2: Dennis has questions about protesting: What would the NFL do if a player burned a flag? How many North Carolina protesters will be using an alarm clock to get up and go to work tomorrow? Tom Joscelyn, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, joins the show to discuss terrorism and foreign policy.

Prager 20160922 – 1 Kindness Over Courage

Prager H1: Dennis reviews the current state of the North Carolina protests, the NFL Anthem protests, and laments that the United States of America has devolved into placing greater value on being kind over being courageous. Stephen Moore joins the show to discuss the current election, and his latest book: Fueling Freedom – Exposing The Mad War On Energy.

Prager 20160921 – 3 Walls

Prager H3: Dennis analyzes President Obama’s final address to the United Nations: Walls, Mosquitos, Soulless Capitalism, and Anti-Colonialism.

Prager 20160921 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Iconic Assault

Prager H2: Dennis is troubled by the fact that the famous picture of the Sailor returning from WWII and kissing a nurse in Times Square, has now become a target of the Left as representing sexual assault.

Prager 20160921 – 1 NC Protests

Prager H1: Dennis talks about the police shooting and protesting in North Carolina, and Presidents Obama’s las t address to the United Nations. Taleeb Starkes joins the program to discuss the latest Prager U video: The Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans.

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