Prager 20161027 – 1 It’s About You

Prager H1: Mark Davis sits in for Dennis and talks about the fact that if you are a conservative not voting for Trump, it’s your problem, not Trumps.

Prager 20161026 – 3 Shaving Legs

Prager H3: Young men are now routinely shaving their legs. Anything that was traditionally masculine is now bad. Unfortunately, men are buying it… ObamaCare is an ever growing fiasco. Rates are going up by 25% on average. Rates for young people are up even more. Why would they buy it? Answer: they don’t… Amazon removes its sexy burka Halloween costume from its website… Hillary tells a Mexican audience Mexican food is her favorite. Really?

Prager 20161026 – 1 Wall Street and Lawyers

Prager H1: Turns out that Wall Street and lawyers are Hillary’s biggest financial contributors. The latter makes sense – lawyers and the unions are the core of the Democratic party — but doesn’t Hillary say almost daily say how much she hates those Wall Street villains?… Legalizing marijuana is on the ballot of half a dozen states… There’s a spike in illegal immigration at the border… Small lies leads to big lies, according to a new study.

Prager 20161025 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: No Self-Esteem

Prager H3: One of the social mistakes we make is thinking that kids must be raised to have high self-esteem. The trophies-for-breathing movement is a good example of this. Unless you earn self-esteem it’s worse than worthless.

Prager 20161025 – 2 Swedish Suicide

Prager H2: You’ve heard of Swedish massage. Now there’s Swedish suicide. Immigrants have flocked to that country drawn by Sweden’s generous benefits. The essential character of the country is changing and not for the better… Dennis talks to Adam Carolla, comedian and world’s most popular podcaster.

Prager 20161025 – 1 No Satisfaction

Prager H1: What would satisfy the Left? The answer is nothing… UC Berkeley is back in the news, as usual, for a bad reason. They want to ban white students access to certain places on campus… A flash mob attacked students at Temple University. Where we’re the police?

Prager 20161024 – 3 Term Limits

Prager H3: Mark Davis sits in for Dennis and cleans up the leftovers in the news cycle and chats with callers about the election as it enters the home stretch.

Prager 20161024 – 2 Crisis of Conservatives

Prager H2: Mark Davis sits in for Dennis and talks about a column he read in the Washington Free Beacon by Matthew Continetti: Crisis of the Conservative Intellectual. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20161024 – 1 Day One

Prager H1: Mark Davis sits in for Dennis and ponders the accuracy of the polls and if this election could be different. Trump shares his six point contract with the American voter.

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