Prager 20161021 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: if Dennis were kidnapped by terrorists would he quote the Quran; if Dennis were elected President would he still celebrate the Sabbath.

Prager 20161021 – 1 Fans Flee

Prager H1: NFL ratings are down this year. The reason: fans are turned off by the national anthem protest… If you were once groped are you now a trauma victim?… We live in the age of immaturity… Colleges are preparing to deal with Halloween. The safe rooms are ready to go.

10/17-10/21 Show Highlights

Highlights from the week of 10/17/2016

Prager 20161020 – 3 Round Three Three

Prager H3: Do you think that Trump would be worse for America than Hillary? That’s the only rational argument for a conservative not to vote for Trump… Hillary says she wants to help small businesses and then advocates for a huge hike in the minimum wage – in the same sentence. Dennis plays more clips from the debate and analyzes them…

Prager 20161020 – 2 Round Three Two

Prager H2: The Bible tells us not to favor the poor in judgment. But the Left sees everything in terms of race, gender and class. Hillary spells that out very clearly in her answer to the Supreme Court question… Republicans, please note, the primaries are over. Trump won. He is the only alternative to Hillary… Feminism has always portrayed women as the weaker sex.

Prager 20161020 – 1 Round Three One

Prager H1: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had their third debate last night. The election should have been decided in favor of Trump after Hillary’s first answer re: the Supreme Court. She clearly announced that she sees the Court as a tool for her Leftist agenda… But the media is obsessed with Trump’s comment that he won’t commit to accepting the results of the election.

Prager 20161019 – 3 No Conservative Blacks

Prager H3: The Smithsonian’s Black History Museum has not one exhibit, one line about Clarence Thomas or any other contemporary conservative black… A Florida university has a team ready to help students who are offended by Halloween costumes… A Mexican judge is gunned down in the middle of day outside of Mexico City… Teachers talk politics in the classroom. Of course, their talk is anti-Trump…

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