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Prager 20161219 – 3 Festive

Prager H3: Dennis once again laments the lack of Christmas lights and home decorations. Fellow talk show host, Eric Metaxas, joins him… Dennis talks to Edwin Williamson, a lawyer at Sullivan and Cromwell, one of the leading law firms in the nation about the President-elect’s supposed conflict of interest issues…

Prager 20161219 – 2 No More Men

Prager H2: Another university sports team is suspended indefinitely because teammates made “sexist” comments about female players… National Geographic has a transgender nine-year-old on its cover. What does that have to do with geography?… The EPA higher-ups repudiate the agency’s own five-year study that fracking is safe.

Prager 20161219 – 1 Frost Bite

Prager H1: Record cold descends on the Midwest and the East, but never mind, Global Warming is a greater threat than ever… Democrats and the Left are in the grip of Electoral College hysteria. Hopefully, it will end today when electors vote… China steals one of our underwater drones in international waters and the Administration does nothing… In a breaking news story, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey is assassinated by a man in suit shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

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