Prager 20161222- 2 California Girls

Prager H2: A U. of Kentucky professor is charged with “sexual conduct” for singing a famous Beach Boys song to Chinese students. He was trying to teach the difference between American and Chinese cultures. For his pains, he’s been reviled with no chance of appeal… What do you say to someone who compares Trump to Hitler?…

Prager 20161222- 1 Lost War

Prager H1: The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the late seventies is at the root of much of modern terrorism. But this has long been forgotten… A massive manhunt is underway for the driver of the Berlin terror truck… Dennis talks to Bryan Badzin, founding board member of Agamim Classical Academy, a new charter school in Hopkins, Minnesota… The Polish truck driver that the Berlin terrorist murdered was hoping to get home in time for Christmas with his family.

Prager 20161221 – 2 Back To The States

Prager H2: Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and wishes that we would return to the original meaning of the Constitution and return rights back to the individual states.

Prager 20161221 – 1 Around The World

Prager H1: Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and talks the latest news from around the world, the Trump transition, and U.S. relations with Israel.

Prager 20161220 – 2 Merkel’s Mistake

Prager H2: If the driver of the truck that murdered Berliners yesterday turns out to be a refugee, Angela Merkel’s political career is over… MTV produces a hopelessly foolish video protest directed at “white males…” Is there a difference between race and culture?… How do you protect your 5th grade daughter from her public school’s leftist tilt?

Prager 20161220 – 1 Terror in Turkey and Berlin

Prager H1: Dennis comments in the Christmas Market massacre in Berlin and the brazen assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey… Donald Trump won another election yesterday, the one that counts. In Wisconsin, protestors throw a tantrum…

Prager 20161219 – 3 Festive

Prager H3: Dennis once again laments the lack of Christmas lights and home decorations. Fellow talk show host, Eric Metaxas, joins him… Dennis talks to Edwin Williamson, a lawyer at Sullivan and Cromwell, one of the leading law firms in the nation about the President-elect’s supposed conflict of interest issues…

Prager 20161219 – 2 No More Men

Prager H2: Another university sports team is suspended indefinitely because teammates made “sexist” comments about female players… National Geographic has a transgender nine-year-old on its cover. What does that have to do with geography?… The EPA higher-ups repudiate the agency’s own five-year study that fracking is safe.

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