Prager 20170718 – 2 More Threats

Dennis returns to the controversy re: his tweet… The Canadian president describes his country as being “post-national.” What has happened to our neighbor to the north?… Parents are throwing lavish birthday parties for their children.

Prager 20170718 – 1 Threats

Dennis’s tweet on Friday re: the danger posed by the media to Western Civilization generated a tremendous storm of controversy. The Left went nuts. But as usual most of the angry tweeters missed the point. Was this deliberate ignorance or just ignorance?… The Republicans can’t pass Repeal and Replace. Now what?… Dennis talks to Steve Robinson, LAPD officer. Prager University has made 90 minute documentary about a police ride along Dennis took this past spring.

Prager 20170717 – 3 A.I.

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and brings up humanity’s inevitable collision with artificial intelligence. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20170717 – 1 Greater Danger

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis who’s tweet on Friday has received quite a reaction, and Dennis appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss it. Mark takes your calls.

Prager 20170714 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: suggestion that you have a musical moment show once a week; How crazy are the gender-politics in San Francisco; If God is the source of all good, than there has to be a Satan who can influence; Is there a difference in a Mormon God and a Judeo-Christian God?

Prager 20170714 – 1 The Russians Are Coming

Another day for the media to be obsessed with Don Jr… The more information comes the more nothing there is to this story… The Republicans need to pass their Repeal and Replace bill… And through it all, the President continues to do great things. ICE Director says now they can actually do their job; under Obama, they were hamstrung.

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