Prager 20170713 – 3 The Big Picture

We’re mired in pointless, media-manufactured scandals. We’re losing a view of the big picture; the issues that really affect the way people live… Why was the Russian lawyer given a special clearance to come into the US?… How many black conservatives are out there?

Prager 20170713 – 2 The Donald in Paris

The President is in Paris meeting with French President Macron. Dennis plays some of their press conference and comments… Charles Blow, one of the Leftist columnists for the NY Times, is deeply in the grip of Trump Derangement Syndrome… Dennis talks to Antonia Okafor, Founder of Empowered. She teaches the newest PragerU video. Black, Millennial, Female and… Conservative.

Prager 20170713 – 1 Junior Don

The Don Jr. controversy is now on day 3. The Left is pressing its collusion case. Will the Right wilt?… The media is more dangerous to our democracy than Russia… Dennis talks to Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal columnist, about the President’s Warsaw speech.

Prager 20170712 – 3 Oppo

Can the media literally make a federal case out of the Don Jr. story? Didn’t he do what any politician would do – check out opposition research?… Almost all the major leaders of Europe share this in common: none of them have children… Dennis talks to Sebastian Gorka, intelligence analyst, deputy assistant to the President and a member of the National Security Advisory Staff.

Prager 20170712 – 1 Witch Hunt

The networks spent 54% of the news last night on Don Jr. Let’s grant that it wasn’t a smart move in retrospect (and only in retrospect) for him to meet with the Russian lawyer, and to bring along his brother-in-law and his father’s campaign manager, but where is the collusion? Nothing happened in the meeting. No worthwhile information was exchanged…There’s much more evidence of Hillary’s collusion with Russian interests. Have people forgotten the uranium deal?

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