Prager 20171031 – 2 George Who?

Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, columnist for National Review and Pajamas Media and former federal prosecutor about the Manafort and George Papadopoulos indictments… Kevin Spacey is charged with sexually harassing a 14-year-old boy… 32 years ago. His TV show has been cancelled. Without condoning bad behavior, is it possible to suggest that this is an over-reaction?

Prager 20171031 – 1 Who’s Quaking?

The Left-leaning media suggest that the Trump Administration is quaking in their boots following the Manafort indictment. Really? Nowhere is the President linked to the charges. But what about the Dems? Their fingerprints are all over real collusion with Russia via Fusion GPS and Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation… Dennis talks to Jim DeMint, former Senator and Congressman from South Carolina, now a senior advisor to Citizens for Self-Governance. He teaches the newest PragerU video, “How the States Can Save America.”

Prager 20171030 – 3 Threats

Dennis talks to Lt. Colonel Jonathan Conricus, spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces. They discuss a new operation in which the IDF succeeded in thwarting Hamas efforts to tunnel into Israel… Dennis talks to Jim Schutz, President of the Joseph Project… Dennis talks to Reuven Doron, Director of Biblical Tours for Genesis Tours.

Prager 20171030 – 2 David v. Goliath

David is PragerU and Google/YouTube is Goliath. PragerU has filed suit against the giant, contending that Google/YouTube is infringing on its first amendment rights… Why is Paul Manafort being indicted? What does he have to with Russian influence on American elections?… Dennis talks to the deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Ofir Berkowitz…

Prager 20171030 – 1 Live in Jerusalem

Dennis talks to David Keyes, spokesman for the Prime Minister. Their subject is the danger posed by Iran to Israel… Those in the top 20% tax bracket pay 95% of Federal Income Taxes… Paul Manafort, one time Trump campaign manager, is indicted for crimes that seem to have nothing to do with Russian influence in the November election… Dennis talks to Michael and Felice Friedson of The Media Line, a Middle East News Service.

Prager 20171027 – 2 I Don’t Know

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis, examines the conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination, he believes that conspiracies exist because people cannot accept that they do not know.

Prager 20171027 – 1 Pterodactyls

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and suggests that the election of President Trump signifies that it’s “game over” for old Republicans like Corker, Flake, and McCain.

Prager 20171026 – 3 From Behind

An actress accuses George HW Bush of sexual assault. The 93-year-old patted her butt and told her an “off color” joke. That’s sexual assault?… Dennis talks to Michael Knowles, host of the Michael Knowles Show podcast. He teaches the new PragerU video, “What Is the Alt-Right?”

Prager 20171026 – 2 Bar Ilan

Dennis spoke at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv today. He was very impressed by the university and by the students… Millennials are being drawn to Witchcraft and Astrology.

Prager 20171026 – 1 Fusion

Dennis talks about the Fusion GPS scandal with Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor, columnist for the National Review and PJ Media… The President showed great compassion in a call to a Gold Star widow.

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