Prager 20171026 – 2 Bar Ilan

Dennis spoke at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv today. He was very impressed by the university and by the students… Millennials are being drawn to Witchcraft and Astrology.

Prager 20171026 – 1 Fusion

Dennis talks about the Fusion GPS scandal with Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor, columnist for the National Review and PJ Media… The President showed great compassion in a call to a Gold Star widow.

Prager 20171025 – 3 On the Sea of Galilee

Dennis describes the moving experience he had talking to his group on the Sea of Galilee… The Daily Californian, the UC – Berkeley student paper, publishes an openly anti-Semitic cartoon… The NAACP makes up racism… Dennis talks to Peter Berkowitz, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. The topic is the cozy relationship between the Obama Justice Department and the Democratic Party.

Prager 20171025 – 1 Hillary’s Russia Dossier

The Washington Post reveals that the Hillary campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for the infamous and discredited Fusion GPS “Steele” dossier. So, the dossier which started this whole “Russian collusion” thing was paid for the Democrats. Can you smell the odor of fish?… Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has decided not to run for re-election than blasts the President from his high-horse… Dennis talks to Kimberley Strassel, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, on the burgeoning Democrat Fusion GPS scandal.

Yom Kippur Day – 2017: Thoughts versus Deeds

It’s very easy to conflate thoughts and deeds. But we shouldn’t. They are two very different things. Thoughts have little power in and of themselves until they are turned into action. Deeds are what count in the end.

Prager 20171024 – 2 Book of Anger

General Kelly is now labeled a racist because he criticized a black congresswoman. This is the de facto position of the Left… NFL stadiums aren’t nearly as full as they should be. The reason is not a mystery… Matt Damon says we need a “reckoning” over racism. What is talking about?…

Prager 20171024 – 1 Live from Israel

Dennis is in Israel with 500 listeners… PragerU is suing Google/YouTube over the censorship of its videos. This is a major free speech issue… WHO appoints the brutal dictator of Zimbabwe as an ambassador to the health organization. Then, after outcry, withdraws the invitation…

Yom Kippur Eve – 2017: Eye for an Eye

The phrase “an eye for eye” is well known. It’s often used as an example of how crude the Bible is. But Dennis explains how it represents a profound moral advance and why it still has meaning for us today.

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