Prager 20171017 – 2 Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs coach continues his vicious attacks on the President. What are basketball lovers who also support the President supposed to do?… The President makes rhetorical mistakes. He’s not a polished politician. But his policies are excellent. Obama was polished. His policies were destructive.

Prager 20171017 – 1 False Claims

The Left is in a tizzy that the President said that previous presidents might not have called fallen soldiers… Another “Nazi” hoax is revealed at the University of Maryland… Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t care if he loses his Republican audience. It’s more important for him to make political points.

Prager 20171016 – 3 Chicago Fire

Dennis talks to Lee Habeeb, VP of Content for Salem Radio and Host of Our American Stories about how Chicago rebuilt itself after the great fire 1871… Hollywood has an excessive of feminism problem. It doesn’t have enough masculinity… Is the National Anthem protest losing its momentum?

Prager 20171016 – 2 A Disappointment

The President has done so much good (judges, leaving Paris Accords, decertifying Iran deal and on and on) and still the Never Trumpers refuse to give him credit. Instead, they keep looking for him to fail so they can rehabilitate themselves… Dennis talks to Nick Adams, Founder and Executive Director of The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness. His new book is The Case Against the Establishment.

Prager 20171016 – 1 Kneeling

A German football (soccer) team kneels before the German national anthem in solidarity with American football players… PragerU’s new release video release “Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights” is immediately restricted by Google/YouTube… Communism is making a comeback in the popular press…

Prager 20171013 – 2 Happiness Hour: Small Acquisitions

Who doesn’t get a thrill when a package awaits you in the mailbox or at the door? Even small acquisitions have the ability to bringing you happiness. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on February 19, 2016.

Prager 20171013 – 1 Conservative Champion

The President has a had a great week. He signs an executive order that give people more choice and freedom in health care; he withdraws the US from UNESCO, an American-hating, Israel-hating UN organization; and he refuses to re-certify the Iran Deal; and he’s putting many conservative judges on the federal bench… Seth Meyers is the latest late-night host to embarrass himself. He draws his inspiration from Trump-hater, rapper Eminem… Howard University cheerleaders take a knee during the National Anthem while an NFL players calls for renewed Anthem protests.

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