Prager 20171004 – 3 Make Believe World

The Left lives in a make-believe world. They see a problem and make up a cause for it and then make up solutions… A major local car dealer in New Jersey has cancelled his ads during NFL broadcasts… Does anyone have a new gun control law that will actually work?… Dennis talks to Ashley McGuire, investigative journalist. She teaches the newest PragerU video, “Gender Identity: Why All the Confusion?”

Prager 20171004 – 1 Gun Control Hysteria

The Left is now in full hysteria mode re: gun control. “Common sense gun control” is their mantra, but they never explain why, given the data, it’s common sense? Then, the accusations against Republicans and NRA follow… A liberal researcher discovers that more gun control laws are pointless.

Prager 20171003 – 2 The Blob

Dennis discovers the pleasures of “The Blob” the 1958 movie starring a very young Steve McQueen. It’s a perfect metaphor for the ever-expanding government… The Washington Post is upset that CNN said a few kind words about President Trump’s statement following the Las Vegas massacre…

Prager 20171003 – 1 Guns and Floods

It didn’t take 24 hours before Democrats started blaming the Las Vegas massacre on a lack of gun control… The President is in Puerto Rico. That island suffered from serious internal problems before the hurricane hit… Dennis talks to Charles Mully. His amazing true story – an African millionaire devotes his life and fortune to saving orphans in Kenya – has been made into a movie.

Prager 20171002 – 3 Moment of Silence

The President took had National Moment of Silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, Dennis continues to discuss the events and motivations surrounding this latest tragedy. He also addresses the kneeling situation around the NFL this past weekend.

Prager 20171002 – 2 A Presidential Message

The President’s response to the massacre in Las Vegas was full of compassion and wisdom… Dennis talks to his friend and fellow talk show host, Michael Medved, about Las Vegas… Why don’t we ask if these mass murderers go to church on Sunday? How many mass murderers are regular church goers? These questions are just as relevant as questions about more gun control.

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