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Prager 20171113 – 3 Fifty-Fifty

If the man doesn’t take on fifty percent of the child-care responsibilities does that mean he’s a misogynist? Is it possible that 50/50 is not the ideal? Do we think less of moms who make a home, whether they work outside of it or not?… By all accounts, Roy Moore has lived an honorable life. Why is he not believed when he says this “sexual misconduct” didn’t happen? Doesn’t this mean that any one can discredit a candidate if they make a sexual misconduct claim?

Prager 20171113 – 2 Pure Bigotry

A black law professor is teaching his children to distrust white people. This professor is so smart he knows what’s in the mind of every white person in America. This is pure bigotry. It’s also pure Leftism… Why is the charge against Roy Moore coming out a month before an election?

Prager 20171113 – 1 Veterans

Dennis gave a Veterans Day speech in a small town in Minnesota on Saturday. It was a deeply moving experience… The Left fights a make-believe America which they have created. This make-believe America is full of racists, homophobes, and sexists… GQ declares Colin Kaepernick their “Citizen of the Year.” Mitch McConnell says he believes the sexual misconduct stories about Roy Moore.

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