Prager 20171123 – 2 Hate America?

A caller asks a question that will confront many Americans tonight. Dennis provides some useful answers… Also, we sleep safely because our soldiers don’t. We owe them a profound debt of gratitude. Originally broadcast on November 27, 2003.

Prager 20171122 – 3 More Moore

The Roy Moore case is a complex issue. But the temptation is to simplify it… The lead columnist for the LA Times is thankful because he thinks the President is struggling… Dennis returns to the sexual misconduct issue…

Prager 20171122 – 1 Return

After a few days off to recover from a bad cold and then to work on his new book, Dennis returns to the radio full of new thoughts… There are gradations of sin. That includes sexual misconduct. Rape is not the same as squeezing someone’s rear end… Charles Manson dies in prison. The Left tries to turn him into a Right-wing extremist… Ingratitude, they name is LaVar Ball and the President calls him out on it.

Prager 20171121 – 3 No Mas

Sam Malone fills in for Dennis and has given up the NFL after years of being an avid fan. Sam is also joined by Dan Bongino, and then Sam Sorbo to discuss her new film: Let There Be Light.

Prager 20171121 – 2 Pardon

Sam Malone fills in for Dennis while President Trump pardons turkeys live from the White House. Sam also talks about the recovery efforts in Houston and Puerto Rico.

Prager 20171121 – 1 Frank ‘N Rose

Sam Malone fills in for Dennis and addresses the latest in sexual harassment, and is joined by Stephen Moore to discuss the booming economy.

Prager 20171120 – 3 Divorced and Educated

Mark Isler fills in for Dennis and talks with Stephen Baskerville about divorce laws, and then Larry Sand about the dysfunction in our education system.

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