Prager 20171205 – 2 Supreme Cake

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis and reminds us that the Master Piece Cake Shop case is being heard by the Supreme Court this week.

Prager 20171204 – 3 Spot On

Dennis takes calls on the Steinle verdict and talks to Andrew McCarthy, senior editor at National Review and former federal prosecutor.

Prager 20171204 – 2 No Collusion

The collusion case is gone with the wind. So is it now an obstruction of justice case against the President? Obstructing what?… Dennis returns to the issue of whether new parents should announce that they’ve just have had a boy or a girl…Dennis talks to Heather MacDonald, Senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor to The City Journal.

Prager 20171204 – 1 Destruction of a Good Man

The special counsel has ruined the life of a good man, Michael Flynn. And for what? What does anything Flynn pleaded guilty to have to do with Russia/Trump campaign collusion?… A pediatrician writing in a prestigious medical journal warns against saying “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” when a baby is born…. Does James Levine, who is gay and is accused of harassing young men, hate men?…

Prager 20171201 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: San Francisco politicians have blood on their hands for letting this illegal be deported back; 75 percent of women under 30 wants to be treated like men, yet when something happens they want to be ladies; there is a command voice in English, even though you said there was not; teaching one of your PragerU videos on the Ten Commandments to his HS students; where do you think the #MeToo movement is going to go; Pastor in his 80’s used to pinch the ladies behind and so she pinched him back; has an idea for a PragerU video on home-schooling.

Prager 20171201 – 1 No Riots?

The killer of Kate Steinle, a killing that enraged the Right, is acquitted of murder. Did you see any riots following the verdict? No?… Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI. But what did he lie about? And why?… A group of psychiatrists who have never spoken to the President have declared him mentally unfit…

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