Prager 20171213 – 3 Net Neutrality

Dennis talks to Ajit Pai, the Chairman of FCC (Federal Communications Committee) about the issue of Net Neutrality… Dennis explains how the events surrounding the holiday of Hanukkah saved Western Civilization… Dennis returns to Mika Brzezinski’s rant.

Prager 20171213 – 1 Never Moore

Judge Roy Moore lost an “unloseable” Alabama senate seat to his Democrat opponent… Dennis talks to Seth Leibsohn, best-selling author, former cohost of Bill Bennett’s Morning in America. Then host of his own show in Phoenix. He’s running for Congress in Arizona… The media is very upset by a new Trump tweet re: New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Mika Brzezinski goes on a tirade against the President, his press secretary, his wife, his daughter and anyone who supports him.

Prager 20171212 – 2 Mortal

The Alabama election is today. Are you morally compromised if you support Roy Moore?Do the voters of Alabama want to deal with what Roy Moore might have done 40 years ago or what a Democrat will do tomorrow?

Prager 20171212 – 1 Gorka

Dennis talks to Sebastian Gorka, former special advisor to President Trump and terrorism expert. Topics include: Roy Moore, the future of the conservative movement, and the NYC terror attack… Cornell West spouts his cliché-ridden Marxist pablum on CNN and Anderson Cooper just nods his head.

Prager 20171211 – 3 David Horowitz

Dennis talks to David Horowitz, founder and chairman of the The David Horowitz Freedom Center. His new book is The Black Book of the American Left: Volume Vlll: The Left in the University.

Prager 20171211 – 2 Rat’s Nest

Dennis talks to Kimberley Strassel, columnist for the WSJ and member of their editorial board. The topic is the Mueller investigation. His team is riddled with long-time Democrats and Clinton sympathizers…

Prager 20171211 – 1 Terror in NYC

There was a terror attack in NYC this morning. Fortunately, the suicide bomb blew up on the bomber. He turns out to be a Bangladeshi who has lived in the US for 7 years… A disturbing video shows a cop in Mesa, AZ shooting an unarmed white man… Dennis talks to Jessica Leach, senior at U. of Wyoming. Her group, TPUSA along with PragerU, brought Dennis to speak there last month. Now their group has been defunded by student government.

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