Prager 20171225 – 1 Christmas Pt. 1

Dennis takes calls on the issue of religion. Issues raised include: does the Bible really advocate the stoning of disobedient children; what distinguishes the three Jewish denominations; what is the Jewish view of Mohammed; does God really need people to bow down to him; why do the three faiths of Abraham have so many conflicts.  A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on December 25, 2007.

Prager 20171222 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: do you need to believe in God before becoming religious; what is more important to a woman’s happiness – career or family; should the President acknowledge black anger at America.

Prager 20171222 – 1 Rebuke

The LA Times trumpets that the President was “rebuked” by the UN for his Jerusalem declaration. The President is not the one shamed by this. It is the UN… The Polish government sends a video thank you card to America… In CNN’s world, there is not nor has there ever been a war on Christmas…

Prager 20171221 – 3 Increasing Good

Donald Trump has increased good on earth this year. What more can we ask from a President?… Should you have a holiday meal with your leftist relatives if you know that politics are going to be discussed? … Do women really want to get rid of “the patriarchy”?

Prager 20171221 – 2 Christmas Bonus

AT&T, Boeing, Wells Fargo and other corporations announce that they’re going to give their employees significant bonuses because of the new tax cut. Plus, these companies are also making new investments in US… Dennis talks to Arnold Steinberg, columnist for The American Spectator. The topic is prosecutorial misconduct. The President just undid an egregious example.

Prager 20171221 – 1 Tax Cut Cometh

The nation has a big new tax cut. We can thank the President and a lot of hard work by the Republican Congress… Trump and Haley make a great team at the UN… Dennis talks to Roger Kimball, publisher of Encounter Books and columnist for American Greatness.

Prager 20171220 – 3 Equality over Prosperity

The Left and the Democrats are not interested in prosperity; they’re interested in redistribution of wealth. Shouldn’t the issue be: is the tax cut good for the country? Who cares whether the rich benefit if the answer to that question is yes (which it is)… When Dennis mentioned PragerU to 2000 plus students at his speech last night, they broke out into wild cheers… Congressman Dave Brat schools an MSNBC host in basic capitalism… Are Leftism and happiness mutually exclusive?

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