Prager 20171221 – 3 Increasing Good

Donald Trump has increased good on earth this year. What more can we ask from a President?… Should you have a holiday meal with your leftist relatives if you know that politics are going to be discussed? … Do women really want to get rid of “the patriarchy”?

Prager 20171221 – 2 Christmas Bonus

AT&T, Boeing, Wells Fargo and other corporations announce that they’re going to give their employees significant bonuses because of the new tax cut. Plus, these companies are also making new investments in US… Dennis talks to Arnold Steinberg, columnist for The American Spectator. The topic is prosecutorial misconduct. The President just undid an egregious example.

Prager 20171221 – 1 Tax Cut Cometh

The nation has a big new tax cut. We can thank the President and a lot of hard work by the Republican Congress… Trump and Haley make a great team at the UN… Dennis talks to Roger Kimball, publisher of Encounter Books and columnist for American Greatness.

Prager 20171220 – 3 Equality over Prosperity

The Left and the Democrats are not interested in prosperity; they’re interested in redistribution of wealth. Shouldn’t the issue be: is the tax cut good for the country? Who cares whether the rich benefit if the answer to that question is yes (which it is)… When Dennis mentioned PragerU to 2000 plus students at his speech last night, they broke out into wild cheers… Congressman Dave Brat schools an MSNBC host in basic capitalism… Are Leftism and happiness mutually exclusive?

Prager 20171220 – 1 Christmas Tax Cut

Dennis spoke to over 2000 students at the TPUSA National Conference last night. It was both energizing and inspiring to speak to so many bright, young conservatives. The future, thanks to PragerU and TPUSA, looks brighter… The Tax Reform bill passed without a single vote from a Democrat in either the House or the Senate. The Democrats have done nothing but demagogue this bill. In typical Leftist fashion, it’s “a tax cut for the rich.” Ironically, the rich are the only ones whose taxes might go up.

Prager 20171219 – 3 Ultimate Issues: In His Generation

The Bible says that Noah was a righteous man “in his generation.” The Noah narrative tells us that people must be judged in the context of their time. You can’t fairly judge people from the past in contemporary terms.

Prager 20171219 – 2 Truth about Santa

Every year Dennis reviews this question. Should you tell your children “the truth” about Santa or should let them believe in the story as long as possible? Dennis has his answer. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20171219 – 1 New Hope

Dennis is in Florida to speak to over a thousand students at a TPUSA conference. Thanks to the response to PragerU and the new curiosity and enthusiasm he sees from young people wherever he goes, Dennis has a new sense of optimism about the future… The Left, in contrast, sees a bleak future because the government will now have less of our money to spend thanks to the coming tax cut… The President gave an excellent national security speech last night.

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