Prager 20180928 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: [New Break: Flake votes Kavanaugh out of committee, but calls for a FBI investigation before a full Senate vote].What is the worst sin; why does Dennis’s show have so many so many ads; are community colleges going the way of universities.

Prager 20180928 – 1 Post Hearing

You can’t favor someone because of their sex; you have to favor someone based on evidence. And there is no evidence against Judge Kavanaugh… Is how you behaved in high school the new standard?… Lindsay Graham truly distinguished himself yesterday at the hearing.

Prager 20180927 – 3 Wrap

Democrats preen… Republicans choose not push back… But where’s the evidence that something terrible happened? There’s Mrs. Ford’s assertion and nothing else. And on this basis, a man’s life is trashed…

Prager 20180927 – 2 36 Years Later

Christine Ford has not offered a single witness who can substantiate her charge… Democratic Senators virtue-signaling is not easy to take. The Dems care about power, not about women…

Prager 20180927 – 1 Ford’s Theatre

Christine Ford appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The circus is in town… The Left is not interested the truth. They’re only interested in gender (but not the gender of conservatives)… What if these unsubstantiated charges were made against your son or brother?

Prager 20180926 – 3 Salem Witch Trial 2018

Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t know what hit him. It’s hard for anyone on the Right to fully understand to what lengths the Left will go to to achieve their aims… Dennis returns to the President’s important UN speech.

Prager 20180926 – 1 Third Accuser

Another Kavanaugh accuser comes forward… Dennis loved President Trump’s speech to the UN yesterday. He plays clips and analyzes… Dennis talks to Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel and director of the Center for Academic Freedom with Alliance Defending Freedom.

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