Prager 20181031 – 3 The ADL

David Bernstein wrote a column: Has there been a surge of Anti-Semitism under Trump? Dennis examines the piece.

Prager 20181031 – 1 Trick or Else

In a town in Virginia you can’t trick or treat if you are over 13 years old? Why not?… 1200 students listened carefully to Dennis’s speech at Colorado State… Does anybody understand the rules of cultural appropriation?

Prager 20181030 – 2 Exploiting Tragedy

The Left is exploiting the Pittsburgh massacre. This is unforgivable and a new low. All moral categories have been suspended to defeat the President and the Right.

Prager 20181030 – 1 Lessons Not Learned

The mass murder in Pittsburgh is horrific and one of the worst moments in the nation’s history. But it was committed by a sick, pathetic madman. That the Left is using this terrible event for political purposes is especially disgusting because these leftists are sane. They know what they’re doing.

Prager 20181026 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: right-wingers are more dangerous than left-wingers; Children of divorces struggle with their identities; a question about angels in the Bible; My father killed Nazi’s in WWII, how dare people call Pres. Trump a Nazi; Debussy is underrated; how can we bridge the divide between left and right?

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