Prager 20181026 – 1 Arrest Made

Breaking this morning: a man in his 50’s is arrested in Florida. His van is plastered with “pro-Trump” stickers. Apparently, he has made terror threats in the past…. The Left hates nationalism. Why?… Is Megyn Kelly a secret racist? Seriously?….

Prager 20181025 – 3 Megyn Gone

Megyn Kelly made a comment about putting on “blackface” for Halloween and how that was okay when she was growing up. She abjectly apologized a day later. No matter. She’s gone, according to the Daily Mail. NBC will eat her $68M contract… We have become a meaner society…

Prager 20181025 – 2 Who’s Encouraging Violence?

The Left accuses the President of encouraging violence? Maxine Waters anyone? How about the endless comparisons of the President to Adolph Hitler?… Dennis talks to Bradley Birzer, professor of history and American Studies at Hillsdale College. His new book is In Defense of Andrew Jackson.

Prager 20181025 – 1 Faux Bombs Away

More bomb threats this morning – Robert De Niro and Joe Biden are added to the list… The Left reflexively blames everything on the President… Dennis talks to Sara Carter, investigative reporter and frequent guest on Fox News. She spent four days “embedded” in the Caravan.

Prager 20181024 – 3 The Scare-avan

Dennis broadcasts from Dallas, Texas… as the caravan continues to approach the US border. Is this caravan organized, if so, by whom?

Prager 20181024 – 1 Bomb Scare

Dennis broadcasts from Dallas, Texas… officials say homemade bombs were sent to former President’s Obama and Clinton houses and CNN offices as well.

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