Prager 20180920 – 2 Ignore It

The Kavanaugh situation continues to dominate the headlines. Dennis advocates that these charges should be ignored. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20180920 – 1 Empowerment

Dennis discusses his latest column up at The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored. The column has been attacked by thousands of responses. He explains how true empowerment is not seeing yourself as a victim.

Prager 20180919 – 3 Feeling Secure

Clint Bellows sits in from Omaha NB for Dennis as he observes Yom Kippur. Dr. Mark Christian is the President and Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute, and shares his inside knowledge of Islam and terrorism. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20180919 – 2 Biden His Time

Clint Bellows sits in from Omaha NB for Dennis as he observes Yom Kippur. Christopher Harris, Executive Director of, joins the show to talk about moving passed the labels and becoming one collective group of Americans.

Prager 20180919 – 1 Hurricane Ford

Clint Bellows sits in from Omaha NB for Dennis as he observes Yom Kippur. Former Senator Tom Coburn joins the program to discuss the Kavanaugh situation and the border. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20180918 -2 Anne, the Simple

The Kavanaugh hearing tells us much about the Democrats and the Left… Anne Hathaway was given an award by an LGBTQ organization. Her acceptance speech was standard identity politics Leftism – the world rotates around “whiteness.”

Prager 20180918 -1 Free Kavanaugh

Dennis is more convinced that Judge Kavanaugh is innocent of all charges than he was yesterday… Are we going to hold candidates for federal office responsible for their behavior as teenagers? Is that the new standard?…

Prager 20180917 – 3 Roseanne

Dennis talks to Roseanne Barr and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, founder of the World Values Network. They’re doing a live show tonight in Los Angeles entitled Is America a Forgiving Nation?

Prager 20180917 – 2 Glenn Beck

Dennis talks to Glenn Beck, host of the Glenn Beck radio show, publisher of the and best-selling author. His new book is Addicted to Outrage: How Thinking Like a Recovering Addict Can Heal the Country.

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