Prager 20181010 – 3 We Smeared, We Failed, We’re Victims!

Sebastian Gorka sits in for Dennis as a caller coins a great Lefty twist on the old Latin adage: Veni, Vidi, Vici.  Seb chats with Matt Schlapp, an American political activist and lobbyist who is chairman of the American Conservative Union.

Prager 20181010 – 2 Why We Fight

Sebastian Gorka sits in for Dennis, his new book: Why We Fight is now out and available. Seb is joined by Dan Bongino, conservative commentator and former agent of the United States Secret Service, and David Limbaugh, his latest book is: Jesus Is Risen.

Prager 20181009 – 2 Gender Choice

Should teens be given their choice of gender? That this question is now being seriously asked reveals a lot about the state of our society… Who is the biggest leftist hysteric at the NYTimes? Is it Charles Blow? Is it Paul Krugman? Is it Michelle Goldberg?… Is their such a thing as “toxic femininity/”

Prager 20181009 – 1 Nikki Haley Resigns

UN ambassador, the excellent Nikki Haley, announced her resignation today in a joint press conference with President Trump. The media can’t believe that she wants to leave because she feels it’s just time to move on… USAToday does a very long piece on Matthew Shepard to “celebrate” the twentieth anniversary of his murder. They portray him as victim of a hate crime. They never mention that he was killed by a gay lover… CA wants to erase its “rascist past.” …The President welcomes Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Prager 20181008 – 3 Leftist Rot

A historian of the Holocaust calls Mitch McConnell and Fox News Nazi-like collaborators. In doing so, he mocks his own life’s work. If he doesn’t know the difference between Republicans and Nazis, how does one take his historical work seriously?… Leftism leads to fascism.

Prager 20181008 – 2 Judging Generations

You need to judge people in the age in which they live… Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono has no problem with mobs running Republicans out of restaurants… Dennis talks to Ann McElhinney, co-producer of the new movie, Gosnell and author of the book Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer now out in paperback.

Prager 20181008 – 1 Goodbye, Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day, a national holiday. But for how long? The Left’s loathing of Western Civilization knows no limits… Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Justice Brett Kavanaugh!… Three cheers for Mitchell McConnell, Susan Collins, Lindsay Graham, The President, and, of course, Justice Kavanaugh.

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