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Rosh Hashanah Day: The Importance of Memory

We are nothing without our memories. The Hebrew Bible makes this point abundantly clear. To understand who we are we have to understand from where we came.

Yom Kippur Evening (Kol Nidre): You Can Change

One of the great and most optimistic lessons from the Bible is that you have the capacity to change. You are not locked in to a destructive pattern of behavior. You can make yourself better. That’s why Yom Kippur, contrary to popular opinion, is a happy time.

Prager 20181119 – 3 Brexit

Dennis talks to Nigel Farage, British politician, broadcaster and political analyst… Michael Bloomberg donates $1.8B to Johns Hopkins University. That is a very large waste of money… Dan Crenshaw, a new Republican Congressman from Texas, asks Democrats a simple question they can’t answer: how has the President undermined democracy?

Prager 20181119 – 2 Gender Dysphoria Nightmare

There is a hard-to-believe report in the UK Daily Mail about 17 students at one school who are planning a sex change… A general who should know better makes a very foolish statement about the President and the press.

Prager 20181119 – 1 Indoctrinated

Students are being indoctrinated to hate America and to think of themselves as victims when are actually the luckiest people on planet Earth… Theaters are giving out to trigger warnings to their patrons… Dennis talks to Henry Olsen, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, about the midterms.

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