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Dennis Prager 20190204 – 3 No Ben

Grand Canyon University, a Christian college, has banned Ben Shapiro from speaking on campus. It’s Christ-like to banish conservative speakers, according their official statement. Really? Callers react.

Dennis Prager 20190204 – 2 Security Threat

University of California, Irvine is making it very difficult for Dennis to speak there tomorrow night. They won’t allow anyone to enter the room until Dennis starts speaking. How does that help security?… Dennis talks to Kimo Gandall, the President of the College Republicans at UCI… The VA governor made up a lie that his Republican opponent was a racist. Now the governor is being hoisted by his own racist petard…

Dennis Prager 20190204 – 1 Super Bowl, Super Brady

The New England wins the Super Bowl for the sixth time. Is Tom Brady the greatest football player ever?… There was less political controversy this year than in years past, either before the game, in the TV commercials, and during the halftime show… The Democratic Governor of VA is hanging on by a thin thread. He appeared in a racist photo when he was medical student… Dennis talks to WSJ columnist Mary O’Grady about the fast-changing situation in Venezuela.

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