Dennis Prager 20190531 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: is it a disadvantage to be raised in a wealthy home; is there a big market for transgender products; is VP Pence more or less acceptable to the left than the President.

Dennis Prager 20190531 – 2 Happiness Hour: Inoculation

Can you be inoculated against unhappiness? Do you need to go through tough times as a child and/or teen to be happy as an adult? How else do you learn to deal with unhappiness? Are parents overprotective? Callers weigh in.

Dennis Prager 20190531 – 1 Kimchi

According to reports, Kim Jong-un had his top nuke negotiators executed or imprisoned. Yikes. Nobody is giving life insurance policies to advisors of dictators… Many media companies, Disney among them, may stop filming in Georgia because of that state’s new abortion law. How will our side respond? Conservatives have to get tougher in fighting the Left. Time to bully the bullies.

Dennis Prager 20190530 – 3 D-Day

Dennis talks to Peter Caddick-Adams, lecturer in military history and current defense issues at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. His new book is Sand and Steel: The D-Day Invasion and the Liberation of France. He also teaches the newest PragerU video, “D-Day.”

Dennis Prager 20190530 – 2 Fearing Global Warming

A recent report suggested that many young people are not saving money. Their reason? Eco-anxiety. Global Warming is going to destroy the world in a few years, so why bother to build up savings?

Dennis Prager 20190530 – 1 Appalling

Alan Dershowitz, life-long liberal, writes a damning indictment of the special counsel’s press conference. It couldn’t be more clear: Mueller conducted the investigation with the intent of discrediting the President… Dennis talks to Robert Epstein, former editor in chief of Psychology Today. The topic is how Google manipulates its search results to influence elections…

Dennis Prager 20190529 – 3 The Real Conspiracy

The real conspiracy is what the Democrats, the media and the Special Counsel have done to the President… The Left believes they are superior to the rest of us. Therefore any action taken in support of their positions is acceptable.

Dennis Prager 20190529 – 1 Mueller Muddies

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, made an eight-minute statement today. All he did was muddy the waters. The Democrats will use the statement to push harder for impeachment…. Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor and senior editor at National Review about Mueller’s statement…

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