Dennis Prager 20190430 – 1 Uprising in Caracas

People are rushing into the streets in Venezuela. Is this finally the end of the Chavez/Maduro socialist madness?… The rabbi at the Poway synagogue pleads not for gun control, but for better values…

Dennis Prager 20190429 – 2 More Poway

The Poway synagogue killer defies the usual profile for a potential mass murderer. He has a mother and father, apparently stable home and was a student at local college. Did he become a murderous anti-Semite because of what he read and saw on the Internet?… How should we protect synagogues and churches?

Dennis Prager 20190429 – 1 Poway

An anti-Semitic murderer attacked a Jewish synagogue outside of San Diego on Saturday. How and where did he learn to hate so intensely that he was prepared to murder innocent people?… The NYTimes published a virulent anti-Semitic cartoon in its international edition… Dennis talks to Steve Cortes, political analyst for CNN, about the great Charlottesville media lie. It became a big deal again when Joe Biden based his campaign on it.

Dennis Prager 20190429 – 3 Turning Point

Dennis talks to Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point USA. President Trump has signed an executive order to insure free speech on campus… Those who are anti-capital punishment never take responsibility for the people murderers kill in prison. An example happened just recently in California.

Dennis Prager 20190426 – 3 Who Can Beat The Donald?

Nick doesn’t see anyone capable of accomplishing that feat on the Democratic side. They are all hard core leftists… A judge in MA is charged with helping an illegal alien felon avoid arrest by an ICE agent… Nick interviews his dad in studio. Like Nick, he has recently immigrated to the USA.

Dennis Prager 20190426 – 2 Republican Women

Nick talks to Jody Rushton, President of the National Federation of Republican Women… Nick talks to Mike Lee, Senator, Utah. His new book is Our Lost Declaration: America’s Fight Against Tyranny from King George to the Deep State.

Dennis Prager 20190426 – 1 Down Under

Nick Adams, President of FLAG and frequent guest on Fox News, guest hosts for Dennis… The economy is booming – 3.2% growth in the first quarter. Nick talks to Andy Puzder, economic analyst for Fox News and author the The Capitalist Comeback… Joe Biden dives into the Presidential race. Did he just belly flop?

Dennis Prager 20190425 – 3 Obama and Mueller

Dennis talks to Sheryl Attkisson, investigative reporter and host of the news magazine show, Full Measure. Topic: What did President Obama and members of his administration have to do with the Mueller investigation?

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