Dennis Prager 20190422 – 2 More Massacre

We need to be honest about who commits these terrible attacks and why… Dennis talks to Chris Buskirk, editor of American Greatness about the fallout from the Mueller Report…

Dennis Prager 20190422 – 1 Sri Lanka Massacre

Nearly 300 Christians were murdered by Muslim terrorists in the island nation of Sri Lanka. The victims were attending church to celebrate the Easter holiday, or enjoying an Easter Sunday brunch… Are Christians killing Muslims because of their faith?

Dennis Prager 20190419 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what’s your favorite Sinatra song; a challenge to your position on miracles; why do our schools teach barely anything about Mao; schools should use classical math education as a means for defense against Leftism; would you ever go skydiving with me?

Dennis Prager 20190419 – 1 Crazy Mueller

Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor, editor at National Review, and legal analyst for Fox News… Can America survive the death of its roots — Judeo/Christian values…

Dennis Prager 20190418 – 3 Turnabout

The Republicans should go ahead with their investigation of how the Russia Collusion myth began. What was the role of the Obama Adminstration?… Dennis continues with AOC’s utopian nightmare… Dennis talks to Rich Karlgaard, the publisher of Forbes. His new book is Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement.

Dennis Prager 20190418 – 2 More Mueller

The Dems have jumped on the few embarrassing segments in the Mueller Report. But mostly they just show the President acting like a living, breathing human being… Will Dems still push for impeachment?… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a very scary video – a pure communist utopian fantasy. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to pass. If it does, America as we know it will no longer exist.

Dennis Prager 20190418 – 1 Mueller Report Drops

No collusion. No obstruction. It was a witch hunt from day one. But the Dems will never accept this conclusion. They’re too invested in their media-fueled conspiracy theory… Dennis talks to Abigail Shrier, journalist and frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal. She teaches the latest PragerU video, “Preferred Pronouns or Prison.”

Dennis Prager 20190417 – 3 Public Shaming

Does the world have to know if someone has engaged in a sex act with a prostitute? What purpose does this serve?… Dennis talks to Hans Von Spakovsky, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. The topic is the President’s tax returns.

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