Dennis Prager 20190425 – 2 More Joe

Dennis returns to Joe Biden’s announcement that he’s running for President – again. He gets off to a bad start… Dennis talks to Lawrence Mead, Professor of Politics and Public Policy at NYU. His new book is Burdens of Freedom: Cultural Difference and American Power.

Dennis Prager 20190425 – 1 Joe Jumps In

Former Vice President Joe Biden has tossed his hat into a very crowded ring. In his announcement video he told untruth after untruth, starting with the Big Charlottesville lie…Dennis talks to Otto Brons-Petersen, economist with the Center for Political Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark. He presents the newest PragerU video “Is Denmark Socialist?”

Dennis Prager 20190424 – 1 Two Nations

The Left blames the President for the division in the country. This is classic projection. The Left has been dividing the country for decades… Dennis talks to Evan Sayet, comedian. His new children’s book is Apocali Now!

Dennis Prager 20190423 – 3 Arguing with God

Dennis continues his exploration of the book of Genesis in anticipation of the launching of his new book. In this installment, Dennis discusses the importance of Abraham arguing with God. This was truly revolutionary.

Dennis Prager 20190423 – 2 Erasing America

Dennis talks to James Robbins, columnist for USAToday. His new book is Erasing America: Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past. Dennis and James also discuss the Mueller Report – what it contains and what it’s missing.

Dennis Prager 20190423 – 1 Boy Raised as Girl

A major actress raises her adopted son as a daughter because at age three the boy said he was a girl. The last thing you want to be is the child of a Hollywood star… The Yankees and the Flyers banish old-time singer Kate Smith from their stadium playlist because she sang a song in the early 1930’s that had “racist” lyrics.

Dennis Prager 20190422 – 3 The Conservative Woman

Dennis talks to Laura Perrins, editor of the The Conservative Woman in the UK… Why did Hillary and Barack Obama not use the word “Christian” when referring to the people murdered in Sri Lanka?

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