Dennis Prager 20190523 – 2 Big Con

The Big Con turned out to be Michael Avenatti. The media, who lionized him, should be ashamed of itself. He’s now facing the potential of 400 years in jail. This is the lawyer who was supposed to be the President biggest nightmare… Is hockey the most fun sport to watch?

Dennis Prager 20190523 – 1 Big Church

Dennis spoke in front of a 1000 people at a Catholic Church in Simi Valley, CA last night. His theme why socialism is inherently un-American… A 12-year-old approached him after the speech concerned that his classmates are ashamed of the country…

Dennis Prager 20190522 – 3 Honest Headlines

Vice President Pence gave a commencement speech at Taylor University to a standing ovation from majority of attendees, but the fake news media ran with headlines like: Students and Faculty Walked Out on Mike Pence’s Graduation Speech… Dennis talks to Peter Wood, President of National Association of Scholars, about the growing trend of black dorms, and separate black graduations.

Dennis Prager 20190522 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Open Lines with Alison

Dennis is joined by renowned relationship expert and regular guest, Alison Armstrong. They take questions from callers. Issues raised include: why are American women more preoccupied with feminism than European women; how can a wife better support her husband emotionally; how do you handle a husband who is not affectionate.

Dennis Prager 20190522 – 1 Leftwing Lightweights

Why does the Right have so many intellectual heavyweights – Victor Davis Hanson, Tom Sowell, Shelby Steele, Roger Kimball, and many more. Why the Left have so few (if any)?… How has college changed your child? Callers have stories.

Dennis Prager 20190521 – 2 Foolish Actors

Jeff Daniels is the latest one to join the list of foolish actors. He poses as a wise man on MSNBC, but really just insults the President and everyone who voted for him… It’s a “good day” for actors. Another foolish one joins Stephen Colbert in mocking the President. They only end up mocking themselves.

Dennis Prager 20190521 – 1 Liberals and Left

Liberals don’t know what the Left is doing, even though they enable the Left to get away with so much… Danish women don’t consider themselves to be feminists. Maybe that’s why Danes are so happy… What is a feminist?… Dennis talks to Julie Kelly, senior contributor to American Greatness. The topics are: the Russia Hoax and Spygate.

Dennis Prager 20190520 – 2 The Liberty Bell

Dennis evaluates a piece out of Philadelphia responding to his column: Should the Liberty Bell Leave Philadelphia?
Christopher Caldwell, contributor to The Atlantic Monthly & Claremont Review of Books, and Asst. Managing Editor of The American Spectator, joins the show to discuss Victor Orban.

Dennis Prager 20190520 – 1 Are You Ready?!

Dennis examines Joe Biden’s presidential campaign kick off speech from Philadelphia on Saturday. Mr. Biden is positioning himself as a great unifier. Dennis explains how the Left divides, and rarely unites anything. Callers weigh in.

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