Dennis Prager 20190515 – 1 Anti-Semitism

People who hate Jews invariably, if given the chance, hurt many more people than just Jews… A Harvard professor is fired from his job because he had the temerity to defend Harvey Weinstein. Alan Dershowitz call it McCarthyism. That’s an understatement…

Dennis Prager 20190514 – 2 China

Do the American people and the President have the intestinal fortitude to hang tough and finally get a fair, enforceable trade deal with China? Or is it a fool’s errand and no one wins a trade war?… Dan talks to Mark Perry, Professor of Finance and Economics at U. of Michigan, Flint and a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute about the China negotiations.

Dennis Prager 20190514 – 1 Ahistorical

Dan Proft guest hosts for Dennis… Democratic Congressman, Rashida Tlaib, comes up with novel view of how the Palestinians helped Jews after the end of World War II. Let’s call it ahistorical. Or we could call it ignorant. Or a lie… Was the real obstructer of justice the President or the President’s accuser?…

Dennis Prager 20190513 – 2 No Shame

The Left will stop at nothing to get our President out of office. Russia Collusion didn’t work. So, now let’s get him on his tax returns… Does the fact that there are few blacks in the President’s cabinet mean anything significant?… Left and Right see the world differently – literally…

Dennis Prager 20190513 – 1 Adults Afraid of Children

Adults are now afraid of children. The children are now the ones who are supposed to have wisdom. Not adults. The destruction of the hierarchy is another destructive feature of leftist thinking… Trump invites winning teams (Boston Red Sox in this case) to the WH, and the black and Latino players don’t show. Then, the media say, “Look how the President is dividing people.”

Dennis Prager 20190510 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how can you justify you can eating meat; why does anybody stay in California with its high cost of living and high taxes.

Dennis Prager 20190510 – 1 What Obstruction?

James Comey does a “townhall” with Anderson Cooper for CNN. He obfuscates, self-promotes and generally confirms that the President was fully justified in firing him… Evidence now suggests that FBI knew that Steele Dossier was a fraud before submitting it to the FISA court… The Left makes broad accusations – “attacks on President Obama are based on racism” — and then when you call them on it, they claim they never said it or said it rarely.

Dennis Prager 20190509 – 3 Study the Good

Dennis returns to the heroic story of Kendrick Castillo, the teenage boy who saved many lives at the cost of his own… We need to study the good. We spend too much time fascinated with evil… Dennis talks to Dovid Margolin, an associate editor at He has written for such publications as Tablet, Mosaic and the Weekly Standard. The topic is a national moment of silence.

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