Dennis Prager 20190506 – 1 New Book

Dennis is in Orlando in front of a live audience to celebrate the debut of his new Bible commentary: Genesis. Israel was attacked again this weekend. 700 rockets from Gaza… Dennis interviewed Jordan Peterson this weekend. It was deeply meaningful…

Dennis Prager 20190503 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: a question regarding Facebook banning people; what did Betty Friedan tell you the first time you spoke after she left the stage during the debate; disagrees that getting married and having kids brings happiness; wife is about to give birth, what cigar should I buy and is it true that people dip them into whisky; listening to you every day does so much for me — thank you!

Dennis Prager 20190503 – 1 Spying and Working

The NY Times now acknowledges that the government spied on the Trump campaign… The economy is booming. Again, even the NYT has to admit it. Anybody going to apologize to the President or give him credit for the great economy?… Dennis talks to Molly Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, about the NY Times spy story… The Chabad rabbi of the Poway synagogue spoke of his experience at the White House and praised the President’s response.

Dennis Prager 20190502 – 2 So Called

Hakeem Jeffries doesn’t accept Donald Trump as our President and now doesn’t accept Bill Barr as our Attorney General… Chase Bank caves over a silly issue of political correctness.

Dennis Prager 20190502 – 1 Drama Queen

The Dems can’t lead, but they can certainly cause drama. We saw this yesterday at the Barr hearing…The “D” in Democratci Party stands for drama. It could also stand for destruction… The Left’s greatest enemy is memory. That’s why they change history all the time…

Dennis Prager 20190501 – 3 High Barr

The Barr hearing re: the Mueller Investigation continues… Mazie Hirono, Hawaii, once again embarrasses her state. She’s not the only one… Kamala Harris acts tough, per usual, but makes no sense, per usual…

Dennis Prager 20190501 – 2 Barr None

No Male-Female Hour today. The Barr hearing is too hot. Dennis plays the testimony. The Dems keeps pushing the President’s “inappropriate” actions. Collusion is now an after thought.

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