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Dennis Prager 20190725 – 3 Mueller Shame

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz writes that Mueller has set a terrible new legal precedent with his “no exoneration” decision… Glendale, home of DP’s studio, lost power yesterday. What is happening to our infrastructure and energy delivery?

Dennis Prager 20190725 – 2 NYC Waning

Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor, senior editor for National Review and legal analyst for Fox News… Dennis talks to James O’Keefe, Founder and President of Project Veritas. A new Google whistleblower has come forth.

Dennis Prager 20190725 – 1 Dem Disaster

The Mueller Hearings yesterday were not a plus for the Democrats. In fact, they were closer to an unmitigated disaster… One could feel sorry for Mueller, except for the damage he has done to many lives for no good reason.

Thoughts to a Bat Mitzvah

Dennis addresses a young woman who is being officially introduced into the Jewish community as an adult. These valuable lessons about life and God apply to every young person.

Rules for Life

Dennis speaks to students at Purdue University. He gives them some rules to live by—wisdom they don’t learn in college, but need to live a good life.

Why America Is Great

Dennis speaks for Hillsdale College. In this talk he makes the case for America’s unique place in history.

How I Became Religious

What happens when there is an absence of religion can be as compelling a reason to believe in God than religion itself. Dennis explains.

What Does God Want from Us

Dennis addresses a common question and a fair one. What does God want from us? The answers are clearly spelled out in the Bible and they’re not complicated.

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