Dennis Prager 20190830 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: can we control how we react to difficult situations; how do Jews and Christians differ in the way they raise money; Dennis talks to Cameron Arcand a PragerForce student at Northwood High School in Irvine, CA.

Dennis Prager 20190830 – 1 Castigating Comey

The Inspector General reveals that FBI Director and Deep State Actor James Comey took advantage of his position to trap President Trump. He did this out of personal animus, a gross and dangerous abuse of power… LA Times publishes letters in response to their Sunday story on PragerU… Dennis talks to Kimberley Strassel, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, about the Comey scandal.

Dennis Prager 20190829 – 3 Moral vs. Health

Smoking cigarettes is a personal health issue. Smoking marijuana is a moral issue… Dennis continue his conversation with PragerU’s Will Witt… Dennis talks to Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point USA. He presents the newest PragerU video “Is College Worth It?”

Dennis Prager 20190829 – 2 Skepticism

The scientific method — reproducible results — has been the basis of modern science. No longer. Global warming and Darwinism are two examples… Ayaan Hirsi Ali wonders if Ilan Omar can overcome her anti-Semitism… Dennis talks to Will Witt, PragerU social influencer.

Dennis Prager 20190829 – 1 Values Review

America has been so good for so long for so many people we have forgotten what has made us special… If the world is going to end in 12 years, why don’t we see any signs of it. In general, the world is safer and more prosperous than ever — thanks to fossil fuel.

Dennis Prager 20190828 – 3 Crackpot

If you have issues with unrestricted abortion, you must be a white nationalist, according to a new column in the Washington Post. Also, we have “concentration camps” at our southern border… Dennis talks to Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer for PragerU. He was in court yesterday at the 9th Circuit PragerU vs. YouTube hearing.

Dennis Prager 20190828 – 1 NPR PragerU

The Los Angeles NPR station profiles PragerU. Dennis plays the segment and comments. It’s a mixed bag: reluctant praise, half-truths, and flat out fabrications.

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