Dennis Prager 20190827 – 2 PragerU vs. YouTube

Today PragerU makes its case against YouTube in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals… Dennis talks to PragerForce student, Tiana Elisara. She just graduated from U. of Hawaii. She tells Dennis how PragerU helped her move from a pussy-hat wearing leftist to a conservative.

Dennis Prager 20190827 – 1 Friedman’s World

Dennis talks to George Friedman, founder and chairman of Geopolitical Futures. He has just published a new report, The Geopolitics of Donald Trump. Issues raised include: Venezuela, Brazil, G7, China and Iran.

Dennis Prager 20190826 – 3 Learn to Hate

Dennis comments on a call from the last hour: a daughter no longer talks to her father after going to college and becoming a leftist… Dennis returns to the Sunday LA Times front page profile of PragerU. It’s a dangerous organization. Yes, to the Left… Dennis talks to Kate Anderson, Senior Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. Alaska allows a man who calls himself a woman to sleep in a woman’s homeless center.

Dennis Prager 20190826 – 2 Crazy Shrink

A former head of psychiatry at Duke claims that the President is more murderous that Stalin, Hitler and Mao combined. And he calls Trump crazy?… Dennis talks to PragerForce student, Julia Oates, Freshman at Bethany Global University in Minnesota… Does Dennis have to right to challenge global warming hysteria?

Dennis Prager 20190826 – 1 Internet Sensation

The Los Angeles Times profiled PragerU on the front page, column right yesterday. They referred to PragerU as an “Internet sensation.” The article goes on to accuse PragerU of “indoctrinating” America’s youth. Indoctrinate with five-minute videos?

Dennis Prager 20190823 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how do you feel about the NY Times article saying that slavery was central to America; what do you consider to be your most precious gift in life? Dennis talks to PragerForce member, Bryant Jordan, about to start college at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dennis Prager 20190823 – 1 PragerU Profile

The LA Times profiles PragerU. Lots of jabs, a bunch of half-truths, and more than a few head-scratchers, but no solid blows. Overall, PragerU comes across as strong, persuasive, and very effective… Jews on the Left are now obsessed with Trump’s remarks about their “disloyalty” to Israel… Does the Left attract liars or does it make you a liar? Or both?…

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