Dennis Prager 20190802 – 2 Happiness Hour: Open Lines

On his birthday Dennis opens the lines for your Happiness questions: separating yourself from people who bring you down will help you to be happy; gratitude is fundamental to one’s happiness; I share the same birthday as you, that makes me happy; your singing along to the happiness theme, brings me happiness; people are packages, remembering that is a key to happiness. A blast from the past calls in thank Dennis for his influence on her life.

Dennis Prager 20190802 – 1 Genesis 1, Apollo 8

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and on December 24, 1968 the astronauts aboard Apollo 8 transmitted that verse from the heavens to the earth. Dennis contends that this wouldn’t happen today and that America was a better America then. Dennis pose the question to you, what would help to make America great again?

Dennis Prager 20190801 – 2 Dem Debate 2, Part 2, B

Who was the most Left-leaning candidate on the stage? It was hard to tell… Bill DeBlasio wants to restructure the country… Jay Inslee thinks the world is about to end… Dennis talks to Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU… Joe Biden wants to put insurance executives in jail. Or is it pharma executives? Or both?

Dennis Prager 20190801 – 1 Dem Debate 2, Part 2, A

The second half of the second Democrat debate happened last night. It was a leftist free-for-all. Never-Trumper, NYT columnist, Bret Stephens found it deeply depressing… TV personality Mario Lopez made a common-sense comment about gender confused 3-year-olds and got stomped on by LGBTQ activists.

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