Dennis Prager 20190724 – 3 Mueller Hearing 3

The Intelligence Committee hearing continues… The major media supports the Democrats. A bodyguard of lies. Conservatives can’t conceive that the media would aid them. We have to go around them…

Dennis Prager 20190723 – 2 Preferred Pronouns

Elizabeth Warren lists her preferred pronoun on her Twitter page. Is that a winning strategy?… The Left divides and divides again… Germany has become a pacifist country.

Dennis Prager 20190723 – 1 Wimps

PragerU is locked in an epic struggle with Google/YouTube. But some conservatives are working against us… Hank Johnson the Georgia congressman of “Guam will tip over” fame is at it again… Dennis talks to David Steinberg, New York editor for PJ Media. He’s done a lot of research on Ilan Omar’s shady past. The major media has chosen to ignore it.

Dennis Prager 20190722 – 3 The Real Racists

Here’s a question to pose to your Leftist friends. Do you think conservatives feel closer to a white Leftist or a black conservative? If conservatives are obsessed with race as leftists contend the answer has to be the white leftist. But all conservatives know this is false… Tiffany Cross, MSNBC contributor, says a MAGA hat is the new Ku Klux Klan hood… Dennis talks to Allan Josephson, professor of psychiatry at U. of Louisville and Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom.

Dennis Prager 20190722 – 2 Miss Worldless

Michigan’s Miss World was stripped of her title over “offensive” posts. She had the temerity to suggest most crimes against blacks are committed by blacks… Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, senior editor for National Review and legal analyst for Fox News about “send her back” hysteria… The Left is animated by race. The Right is animated by values.

Dennis Prager 20190722 – 1 Fomenting Hate

The President is fomenting racial hatred? When did the President ever mention the race of anyone? He attacks ideas. It’s the Left who drones on endlessly about race, who foment hatred… A new study reports that race relations have improved under Trump. The study authors are shocked…

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